As a leading contributor within the Open-Source community, we created a set of powerful APIs for users to create, control and transact with the blockchain decentralized and distributed ledger eco-system

Emertech is the leading developer and contributor to the EmerAPI project in the Open-Source community, and our projects are available from the World's largest repositories such as SourceForge and GitHub. Our objectives are to offer companies and developers around the world, who are interested in getting started with blockchain services, a set of APIs and instruments for the development of functions and services for the Blockchain.

Our APIs are available for all platforms including mobile, and the most common usage of our blockchain APIs is as follow:


The easiest example of our our blockchain APIs work is this search DEMO that is basically a search engine for records inside of the Emercoin blockchain. we use the NVS (Name-Value Storage) capabilities, which make it easy to search for records by name (partial or full). You can also search for specific record types, dns records, art, cert, ssh, ssl, and more...

It is very simple to implement on any website of for any applications to use. It is simply composed of a few javascript files and some classes to call in the elements (e.g. div) of your web page.

API Structure

Our APIs server is a server application that allows a remote client to plug into the blockchain. It also provides the web interface for several user functions, including these 4 types of functions:

  • Functions publication of a standard node (all functions are available thanks for JSON-RPC protocol). While using the system without a server those functions can be used with a local wallet.
  • Additional functions that are aggregating the execution of a many RPC-functions in one time for the optimisation of a number of executions. While using the system without a server those functions can be done with a local wallet usage.
  • Functions that are connected with an external world and services that are presented on the server only (tokens buying, file storage on the server etc.). Those functions can work when connected to the server only.
  • Functions that provide the cooperation with the server (authorization of the user, order of the users' tasks etc.).

The access to the functions can be realized through any types of interface, such as:

  • Graph QL interface (for the WEB application)
  • Its own protocol on the basis of TCP-IP with in-circuit encryption
  • Its own protocol on the basis of UDP (limited set of functions)

To find out more about blockchain functions and services, our APis, the EmerAPi project, or our KeyKeeper application and hardware wallet (which was built in conjunction with our EmerAPI project), please feel free to contact us.

About Emertech

Emertech is a member company of the Incu-App Programme, HKSTP (Hong Kong Science & Technology Park)

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