We lead Open-Source community projects in the area of digital identity of people, products and objects using decentralized and distributed ledger technologies

Emertech is an innovative technology enabler for security related projects, in which TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are the most important factors for companies and end-users in order to adopt a technology designed to protect their sensitive data. We have supported and contributed to the Open-Source initiative is many ways and have a number of projects available in the various repositories such as SOURCEFORGE and GITHUB.

What is Open-Source? Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-Source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. A prominent example of Open-source software collaboration is the world's most popular mobile Operating System Android by Google.

The future of open-source software is bright. More and more vendors like us contribute new open source software. Emertech will continue to develop new open standards and contribute open-source software to address the growing needs of financial institutions, luxury brands, content creators, and users of digital wallets, for innovative digital identity solutions, adapted from our deep knowledge of decentralized systems and the distributed ledger technologies of various blockchains (EMC, BTC, ETH and more).


The KeyKeeper project simplifies the use of functions of the various blockchains and allows services to be built on it, following these 4 principles:

  • Fast integration with light documentation and examples. Plugging the functions of blockchain into an application take less than 10 minutes.
  • There is no need for any additional software neither for the developer nor for the end user. In order to benefit from the performance of all possible functions on Keykeeper, the installation of additional software is not mandatory, even though additional libraries are also available for advanced usage.
  • All keys are saved by the client. This guarantees complete PRIVACY as the server does NOT store (or have access to) any private information of the user (except some information, which is presented and accepted by the user, in the usage of the payment functions for example).
  • Adapted for non tech savvy users, who may not know what blockchain is and don't need to know. API abstract the user from any specific blockchain oriented functions, and the developers can get started with minimum knowledge of blockchain technologies.

We are the leading contributor of the EmerAPI Keykeeper project in the Open-Source community, and our code and information are available on th World's largest repositories.

Find our KeyKeeper project on the leading Open-Source and Business Software platform SourceForge.

You can also find our Keykeeper project on the leading development platform Github.

Hardware Wallet

We created an innovative Open hardware wallet (OpenHW) security device, to protect sensitive and invaluable data, such as passwords, seed phrases, and keys.

We chose Open-Source for this highly secure project because it is the only way to provides the users with the ultimate guarantee that their device does not have any built-in backdoors allowing the provider who sold it to gain access to sensitive information.

It can work in pair with our KeyKeeper solution, but it is not mandatory as it is provider-agnostic. And the same applies to the actual hardware, as our Open Hardware Wallet is hadware-agnostic too. We enable you with the tools we built, but we give you independence and flexibility.


Our anti-counterfeit and traceability platform is in Open Source to give our clients code Transparency and Trust, and offers brands, especially luxury goods manufacturers, a way to demonstrate their true ownership of products in order to fight the financial and reputation damage of fake goods.

Our Anti-counterfeit platform (view Antifake demo) is a system for supply accounting and tracking lot designed for:

  • verification of authenticity of product or batches both by distributors and by end-buyers
  • registration of logistic procedures, changes of owners, splittings and mergers of batch lots
  • getting feedback from the end-buyers
  • post-sales support

The core characteristics of our anti-counterfeit system include:

  • Fast integration. It is easy to setup and try. The platform can be rapidely integrated into an existing business. 
  • Easy outsourcing. You don’t need supervision. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the rules of decentralization. Therefore, it can reliably protect the authenticity and control the quantity of produced products, even if the trademark owner is not involved in production process, logistics or manufacture of labels and packaging at all.
  • Privacy. You are the only owner of your data. The key data are stored in the blockchain. It provides effective protection from both information substitution and loss. No one except the data owner can manage them (even the owner of the server, who is not the data owner, system admins or any other counter agents or third parties cannot do that).
  • Open platform. The server core and the Keykeeper software that deals with the user keys are in open-source for full transparency of the code and therefore offer the trust required by the brands and organizations using our anti-counterfeit system.

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Emertech is a member company of the Incu-App Programme, HKSTP (Hong Kong Science & Technology Park)

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